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Who Needs Uninsured Motorist Insurance?

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Tammy’s Story |

Tammy was driving home from work. She was almost there. She pulled up to last stop sign, put on her blinker, and started to turn left.  That was all she remembered. A drunk driver, recently released from jail, drove up behind her. As she turned, he pulled around her truck, and slammed into the driver’s door of her new Ford F150 pickup.

The impact broke Tammy’s wrist, arm and shoulder. It caused head injuries and impacted the bones in her whole skeleton. The other driver had no insurance. After more than $50,000 dollars of uninsured bodily injury expense, Tammy is still not back to herself. She may never be. This is a true story.

One in five Texas drivers do not have automobile insurance.

If you are in an accident, your chance of it involving an uninsured driver is high.


Insurance Coverage
There are three auto insurance coverages that can pay for injury to you and others in your car.

1. Medical Payment Coverage
In an accident, Medical Payment Coverage can take care any medical bills for you or other people in your car, no matter who was at fault. In addition, if there is a death as a result of the accident, Medical Payment will pay funeral bills (up to the amount of your coverage).

2. Personal Injury Coverage
Personal Injury Coverage pays for medical bills and funeral bills on a per person basis and covers up to 80% of your lost wages, if you are a wage earner.

Medical Payment and Personal Injury are both limited to the specific amount of coverage you choose.

3. Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage
Uninsured Coverage pays medical bills for you, others in your car, and damage to your car when the person causing the accident has no insurance or not enough to cover the injuries or damage.

Damage to your vehicle has a state mandated $250.00 deductible. So your vehicle will be repaired or you will receive a cash settlement should your vehicle be totaled.

Joe’s Story

Joe was driving to work and stopped for a stop light. The driver behind him was texting and didn’t see Joe stop. The driver ran into the rear of Joe’s truck. The police responded and took a report. Joe found out later that the texting driver did not have enough insurance to take care of all the damage to Joe’s truck.

Joe filed an underinsured motorist claim that paid the difference between the at-fault driver’s insurance and the total cost to repair his truck. Joe only had to pay the $250 dollar deductible.

Who needs uninsured motorist coverage?

We all do.

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